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Planner Profile #007

In this PP, I’m honored to introduce the she grows cities community to Beatris Megerdichian, who is an all-around, bona-fide badass urban planner. See below for our full conversation about transportation planning in Southern California. Name: Beatris MegerdichianAge: 29Career: Transit Planner at Gold Coast Transit… Read More

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Winter Recap

2019- what a year! After returning from my solo trip to Old Quebec, a wonderful, historic city that mixes traditional architecture with state-of-the-art geothermal heating and rooftop gardens, I spent the remainder of the fall semester completing the toughest academic courses I have taken in… Read More

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Easy ways to live greener

Sustainability can seem like a Big Idea that doesn’t fit into your daily life. When you’re trying to get through Monday without tripping on air and spilling your oatmeal in the middle of Starbucks (haha, just hypothetically), recycling the oatmeal container is the last thing… Read More