Almanac Update: We raised $500!

Hi! A quick check in during a summer of reunions, record heat/wildfires, dining outdoors, and watering my dry af compost:

  • WE RAISED $500 for Community Cookouts and Shift Our Ways Collective with the almanac pre-sale!!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. More updates to come on how your donation is being used to fight for food justice in LA.
  • WE HAVE SOME LEFTOVERS SO WE’RE HAVING A SALE! If you’d like a copy of the almanac, you can order one now for $15 (includes shipping). Order here:
  • MY COMPOST IS TOO DRY: I’m now about 4 months in to my new compost pile, and I’m turning it every week to minimize fruit flies and aerate the compost, but also watering it 1-2 times a week because it is H-O-T out here in LA County. My little backyard garden desperately needs some better soil, so fingers crossed I can use this compost by the end of the year…..

That’s all for now….stay tuned for more updates about the almanac fundraiser impact, my withering garden, and just general good vibes =) Bye for now!

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