The 2021 Urban Farmers’ Almanac is HERE!

** MAY UPDATE: The print edition is now available for pre-order here until May 31:

First, I want to thank all my friends and colleagues who have already read the book and reached out to offer support! Sharing this project with the world has been overwhelming, exciting, and very fun. This is a community effort that was only made possible thanks to many talented, intelligent, passionate volunteers. Many folks have asked me if there are plans to print this book – there will be an exciting announcement regarding print sales on EARTH DAY, which is this Thursday, April 22! The announcement will be made on Instagram, so stay tuned if you want to make sure you get a print copy**.

I’m going back into my internet bunker for the rest of the week to promote the digital almanac release, but just wanted to check in and express my gratitude for everyone who has taken an interest in growing and living better in Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy the book and learn something new! The digital almanac is under the My Projects tab on the homepage, or just download it from here:


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