Why I’m writing an almanac

Photo taken at The Ecology Center.

Traditionally, a farmer’s almanac contained data and resources for agricultural purposes. The book contained weather pattern predictions, tips on what to grow when, as well as timely information about improvements in agricultural technology. Growing up, I would run to the Scholastic book fair in my elementary school’s library to order the books I had circled in the catalog they sent to students. One of the books I looked forward to the most was the annual Time For Kids almanac, which covered everything from dinosaurs, current events, and future gadgets. (I remember in the 2004 edition, there was a feature on the possibility of electric or hydrogen powered cars. It was an innocent time.)

I decided to create the digital farmer’s almanac because I want to highlight all the good work our communities are already doing to combat climate change and to improve our urban lifestyle. Instead of offering my opinion on issues, I want to put a spotlight on as many grassroots causes and existing community gardens and urban farms as possible because I truly believe these efforts are what make LA my favorite place in the world.

Despite our systemic problems, no one can dispute that immigrants, people of color, strong women, and innovative creators make up the backbone of LA. So I figured, why work harder when we can work smarter?

I’m delighted to announce the 2021 Urban Farmers Almanac for Angelenos will be released online in March. The almanac is completely free, downloadable as a PDF, or will be available on this website. Later in the year, I will be announcing an exciting collaboration project with a local sustainable business related to the almanac. Pre-order details for this project will be announced after the digital almanac release.

This January, I make no resolutions or promises (or plans haha) for myself- instead, I am committed to grow and build on the foundations I built in 2020, and hope to contribute to the greater path of progress we are all walking on together. No matter where you’re reading this from, I wish you health and joy in 2021. And thank you in advance for supporting this Angeleno’s humble project!

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