Exploring Urban Farming: Tanaka Farms

Over the long weekend, I had the chance to check out an urban farm in Irvine, just a short drive from my hometown in La Mirada. We arrived early in the morning to beat the crowd for the Strawberry Festival at Tanaka Farms, which is a multi-generational family run farm and produce stand open to the public. They are devoted to sustainable farming and educating people on how produce is grown, how it is harvested, and how we can all be more responsible eaters! Here are some more photos from my day on the farm:

All in all, it was an adorable farm, an excellent way to spend a slow Saturday morning, and an easy way to pick my own fresh berries, check out some local, raw honey, and most importantly, realize how easy it is to build urban farms- we just need to be willing to do it! For more about urban farms and the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zoning policy in SoCal, check out here and here.

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