Planner Profile #002

Planner Profile is a regular series that features female urban planners and the vital work they do to build better cities. This week, we are featuring Markie Anderle, who also casually makes ~atmospheric~ vibes on her soundcloud

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AGE: 25
CURRENT EMPLOYER: Public Matters, an LA-based Social Enterprise
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
FAV ORDER AT FAV RESTAURANT: French Fries w/ mayo @ Amsterdam Falafel, Washington, D.C.
FAV URBAN PLACE: The West Side Market, Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio

Q: How did you decide to become a planner?
A: I decided to become a planner because I was working in Washington, DC in the field of public policy, and was getting frustrated at how removed it was from everyday problems cities like DC actually face. I saw planning as a way of participating in change movements at a much more ground level focus point.

Q: How is urban planning related to your career?
A: Some people in the program at USC have started referring to themselves as “urbanists” which is a term I really like because it doesn’t necessarily imply a traditional planning career. I’d say urban planning has informed the way I think about the challenges we face as a society and is one of the avenues through which I can participate in remedying those problems.

Q: Tell me about a woman who inspires you!
A: That’s a tough one, there are a lot! I think I have to highlight my Mom though. She is a civil rights lawyer who has spent her entire career trying to make educational spaces more inclusive, both working for the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and now leading UVA’s Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights. Across the board–the way she treats her staff, how she interacts professionally, the issues she is passionate about, are all qualities (among others) I really admire. Her work has inspired a lot of my focus on accessibility issues in planning, as well as my participation on campus in conversations about women’s rights and Title IX.

Q: Adulting is hard. How’s it going?
A: I think how well I think I’m doing at adulting changes day to day–but overall, I’d say pretty well. I’m definitely not ready yet to live a traditional lifestyle or settle down, which is why I’m actually spending most of the summer in Europe studying in Germany and working at a music festival on a farm in England.

Q: How would you describe your music?
A: I think the piano stuff I’ve been putting out lately is actually good background/easy listening. I’ve got a lot in the works for piano/guitar with vocals, so once that’s out I’d love if the words resonated with others. Writing for me is a big catharsis and I guess my preferred aesthetic would be as a storyteller. In general I’d say I’m really inspired by the Fleetwoodmac 70s-esque vibe, which my friends would probably say gives me a little bit of a hippie aesthetic at times.

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