Planner Profile #001

Planner Profile is a regular series that features female urban planners and the vital work they do to build better cities. Our first Planner Profile features Minjee Hahm, who works for the Planning Department in the City of Glendale!

AGE: 24
FAVORITE DISH: Pork souvlaki with wild rice from Kentro Greek Kitchen (Fullerton, CA)

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Q: How did you decide to become a planner?
A: It was a stroke of luck actually. I had the opportunity to be an intern for the City of Buena Park during my senior year in high school. My supervisor was a Management Analyst but had background in Urban Studies and Planning. One day, she recommended that I try Urban Studies and Planning. That is how I chose the Urban Studies and Planning major at UC San Diego, where I graduated with a BA– and here I am!  

Q: How is urban planning related to your career?
A: I am currently one of the Assistant Planners for the City of Glendale, so I would say urban planning has everything to do with my career so far! Every day I work on planning cases or assist the public with any planning and zoning questions they might have. I study planning case laws and try to stay up to date with things going on in the planning world so I can help plan better for the City and make it a livable and desirable place for the residents and developers.

Q: Tell me about a woman who inspires you!
A: JK Rowling, not only because I am a Potterhead, but also because of her amazing ability to create (literally) a whole new magical world. She worked so hard to be where she is today–an influential author–and never gave up even in times of hardship and rejection.

Q: Adulting is hard. How’s it going?
A: Adulting is horrible. Cooking for myself and being healthy is hard. Going to the gym is hard. Waking up is hard. Trying not to look forward to Friday every Monday morning when I am trying to get out of bed is hard. But that is what life is I suppose! I am trying to be less boring of an adult though (Boring Adult: wake up, eat, work, work out, eat, sleep, repeat), by making plans hang out with friends and family every chance I get.

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